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Date: November 6th 2018

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Subject: Vote: Today is OUR day Michigan
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Get Out and Vote!
Today is YOUR day

Happy Election Day! This is the day we have been working toward for two years. This is the day that we make our voices heard. This is the day when we choose Results Not Resistance.

Each and everyone of you is so vital to keeping Michigan and our entire country on the right path. The path that continues to create jobs, increase wages, and keep our taxes low. 

Each and everyone of you can do just that by going to your polling location, and voting for each candidate on our Republican ticket, along with our Republican-nominated Supreme Court Justices Kurtis Wilder and Elizabeth Clement. If you are not sure where your polling location is please click here. Polls opened this morning at 7a.m. and will remain open until 8p.m.

Not voting, or a vote for a Democrat, is a vote for higher taxes, lower border security, lower wages, and jobs fleeing our state and our country once again. We must take a stand!

When you go to the polls today, be sure to vote for:

John James - U.S. Senate

Bill Schuette - Governor

Tom Leonard - Attorney General

Mary Treder Lang - Secretary of State

Justice Elizabeth Clement and Justice Kurtis Wilder - Supreme Court

Dave Dutch and Mike Miller - Michigan State University Board of Trustees

Andrea Fischer Newman and Andrew Richner - University of Michigan Board of Regents

Diane Dunaskiss and David Nicholson - Wayne State University Board of Governors

Tami Carlone and Dr. Richard Zeile - State Board of Education

Thank you for your support. Let's keep pushing toward victory!



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